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Improved health outcomes and quality of life The becomes an extension the clinical environments post-discharge Better visibility on patient compliance practices
Real-time support and interventions Access to increased frequency of patient health data Reduced payouts – home care is a fraction of the cost of a hospital stay
Stay at home longer reduced hospital stays Ability to continue monitoring patient health – regardless of patient's location More accountability from patients and care providers
Reduced transport costs Receive alerts for anomalies – serious events Reduced costs of care – reduced need for dispatching nurses or medical technicians to perform readings
Increased prominence in provider community – patients stay out and healthier longer Biometric or diagnostic readings captured several times daily – at no additional cost
Reduced liability due to remote care – monitoring and compliance audit trail

Connectivity Using User Device

  • Devices Includes


  • Connectivity – provided by user device


  • Remote Monitoring Software


Unlimited Patient, Recordings,Sharing & Alerts

All Inclusive Package

  • Devices Includes


  • Connectivity – Direct Wireless Gateway


  • Remote Monitoring Software


Unlimited Patient, Recordings,Sharing & Alerts

Add ons


Non-Contact Thermometer


Glucose Meter


Stethoscope Adapter


Remote Video Monitoring

Package includes everything to get started with remote vitals monitoring

  • Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor pdfpdf
  • Wireless Weight Scale pdf
  • Wireless Pulse Oximeter pdf
  • Anywhere Connectivity (Included in All-inclusive Package)
  • Unlimited Users & Alerts
  • Remote Monitoring App

General Pricing Terms:

  • Lock in period of 12 months*
  • FREE setup and shipping for the devices**
  • No termination fee applies after lock-in period in-case of product return
  • After the lock-in period and a succeeding 24 months of subscription, Return of Equipment is no longer required in-case of cancellation of subscription
  • If you are not satisfied, you return device within 3 weeks for full refund.

  • *Applicable pre-termination fee apply if you decide to end the contract within the 1st 12 months​

Easy setting up at Patient Home. Just plug-&-use!

How to use devices?

Using Blood Pressure Monitor

Using Pulse Oximeter

Using Weight Scale

Easy to setup and remotely monitor by Agency using App or Browser

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Caregiver to monitor any specific patient from App or Browser

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