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Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) represents the next generation of healthcare, allowing patients and physicians to be connected like never before.

InstaMD Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) program provides three primary services to medical practices caring for Medicare beneficiaries with chronic conditions:

Patient Enrollment
(Outreach + Education)

SmartHub Integrated
Medical Devices

Full-Service Support with Data Review & Critical Escalations to Physician

InstaMD's Full Service RPM Program includes

RPM Program Setup, Patient Onboarding & Education

Provider Notification for Critical Alerts

Program Reporting Notes

Small to medium-sized medical offices

Device Setup & Logistics

RPM Claim Filling Support

Patient Vitais Monitoring

Patient Qualification & Outreach

Implementation Planning

InstaMD primarily works with small to medium-sized Medical offices with targeted patient over 250 patients populations ranging from X to XX. Our RPM program is designed to help Medicare beneficiaries suffering from chronic conditions take better care of themselves by more consistently monitoring their vitals and providing a more thorough doctor-to-patient connection.

We take our Implementation Planning very seriously and ensure to be as transparent and efficient as possible throughout the process, with doctors and patients alike.

Once we have agreed to work with a practice, our team will begin our painless and hassle-free Implementation Planning process:

Implementation walk through for the Medical Office

Patient selection and eligibility verification

Patient Outreaching, consent, education

Device logistics at the Medical Office and/or Direct Patient Home


Each qualifying patient at your practice that chooses to participate in InstaMD’s RPM program will receive a SmartHub suite of devices. Our SmartHub includes a custom smartphone specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with an array of relevant medical devices.

InstaMD’s SmartHub will be shipped to patients within 7 days, after the program agreement and implementation planning are complete.

Clinical Services

InstaMD fields a full support staff set to help practices manage the RPM program among all your participating patients. We provide clinical service support on everything from patient data management to critical escalations to doctor diagnoses in real-time, Medicare claims filing, and much more.

Ultimately, through RPM and clear communication, we aim to help better connect patients and providers.

InstaMD RPM Care Team is here to help manage your RPM Program

We have multilingual Clinical Staff:


InstaMD’s billing team will make your practice’s Medicare compliance and claims filing process easy as pie. We’ll help ensure your reimbursements are in order and your patient population is prepared to be compliant for the sake of the program each month.

Why InstaMD? Comprehensive Program Management.

InstaMD’s Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) program has been built to make your practice’s integration into the next generation of healthcare as simple as possible. At every stage, our staff will be there to support doctors and patients with everything involved in successfully running RPM.

Altogether, InstaMD’s RPM is comprehensive, from implementation planning to logistics to clinical services and billing. Trust us with helping launch your practice into the next generation of healthcare and watch your practice grow.

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If your practice is looking to implement RPM - or wishes to change providers - please contact us today. We’ll schedule a free demo and connect you with our team to discuss the details of getting your program underway at your practice for your patients.

InstaMD promises to introduce your practice and patients to the next generation of healthcare.

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