Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) represents the next generation of healthcare, allowing patients and physicians to be connected like never before.

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) represents the next generation of healthcare, allowing patients and physicians to be connected like never before. With the help of a suite of medical devices and proper onboarding education, health data for patients with chronic conditions in need of monitoring can be transmitted directly to the doctor to diagnose as they see fit.

This is where InstaMD comes in. We provide full-service RPM wherein we partner with small to medium-sized doctor’s offices to provide

  1. Onboarding services for patients
  2. Integrated medical device technology via our proprietary SmartHub
  3. Review of vital data on a periodic basis
  4. Real-time escalations of patient readings to the doctor’s attention and diagnosis when necessary.

Think of InstaMD as a reliable remote doctor’s assistant, bilingual and available for the enhanced care of your patients through RPM technology and support.

Program & Benefits

InstaMD’s patient-empowering and doctor-friendly Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) program is comprehensive and focuses on 3 main services:

Patient Enrollment (Outreach + Education)

SmartHub and Cellular Integrated Medical Devices

Full-Service Support with Data Review & Critical Escalations to Physician

RPM is for Medicare-qualified with chronic conditions

Your Medicare Patients with Chronic or Acute Conditions May Qualify for RPM

Generate RPM Revenue for your Practice

Patients' vitals are recorded by FDA approved devices. Each patient in the RPM Program must collect and transmit their vitals for at least 16 days out of a 30-day period to qualify for Medicare reimbursement

Additional Potential Revenue for Patient Data Reviewal and Connection

Clinical staff will review patients vitals data M-F, 9 am to 5 pm, and will connect with patients on a monthly basis

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InstaMD’s RPM program empowers Medicare patients with the technology and routine to keep up with their own health readings.

InstaMD’s RPM program provides doctors with better periodic information on their participating patients and allows for more timely interventions when needed.

In sum, InstaMD’s RPM program is comprehensive:


Due to a Medicare program incentivizing the implementation of RPM programs in doctor’s offices nationwide, your practice stands to gain new revenue streams from every qualified patient’s participation.

CPT Code 99453

Initial setup of Remote Patient Monitoring for physiological parameters (weight, blood pressure, pulse oximetry, etc.) = $19*

CPT Code 99454

Daily recordings of Remote Patient Monitoring and alerts for physiological parameters every 30-day cycle = $62*

CPT Code 99457 & 99458

Clinical staff time spent performing Remote Patient Monitoring activities in 20-minute increments. 1st 20 minutes $52*, next 20 minutes $42* total maximum up to 60 minutes.

*reimbursement may vary based on location

InstaMD’s business model allows for many practices to start their RPM program at no upfront cost or subscription model. Our team will help you painlessly get your program underway - to start earning Medicare reimbursements while keeping better track of your patient’s health readings from afar.

The Medicare reimbursements are contingent upon your participating patients delivering vital health readings for at least 16 days out of a 30-day cycle. Our team specializes in patient education, onboarding, and compliance with this policy.

With patient compliance and consistent readings delivered, your practice can gain steady cash flows of an estimated $150 per patient, per month!

Adopting InstaMD’s RPM program means opening new lines of potential Medicare-based reimbursement revenue for your practice right away.


InstaMD’s Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) program is built to be implemented at all kinds of healthcare operations and medical offices. For any practice caring for Medicare patients suffering from chronic conditions, RPM’s enhanced vital readings and increased cash flows are available - with InstaMD’s help.

InstaMD’s client practices:

Small to medium-sized medical offices

Assisted-living facilities

Long-term care facilities

Telemedicine providers

Home healthcare

House call providers

We work with physicians and healthcare providers around the nation to launch and support RPM programs for their patients with conditions such as hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and more.


Chronic Kidney Disease


Heart Disease

Lung Disease

InstaMD’s RPM model is a win-win. Through transparent education and our proprietary SmartHub technology, we empower patients with a more satisfying medical device experience. Keeping up with vital health readings becomes more engaging for patients - and doctors stand to gain better information for the care of those patients.

Our Devices

InstaMD provides a number of paths to connect patients and physicians through their medical devices.

We offer our premium SmartHub option, which adapts smartphone technology to seamlessly connect devices to a hub where you can view more information and conduct televisits with your physician at your convenience.

SmartHub Integrated Bluetooth FDA Devices:

Additionally, we provide a simpler but just as effective cellular ecosystem of medical devices which transmit to physicians via SIM card connection.

Cellular Connected FDA Devices:

Both our proprietary SmartHub suite of technology and cellular-connected devices are provided to qualifying patients free of charge. You can also use your iPhone to connect to your physician via our InstaMD Patient App.

No matter the path you choose, with InstaMD patients and physicians are able to sync up to communicate vitals automatically and remotely. Easy to learn and use for patients of all ages, the InstaMD suite of devices means more efficient and effective RPM.


InstaMD’s platform is built from the ground up to be intuitive and easy to learn. First, we provide participating doctors and patients with interconnected medical devices. Then, our digital platform serves up automatic transmission of readings, televisit connectivity to the physician, critical notifications as needed, health analytics, and much more.

Together, our Device as a Service (DaaS) platform is here to make RPM as simply effective as possible.

Our RPM Platform Benefits:

NOTIFICATIONS - The SmartHub devices or our Patient App can shoot Apple push notifications or SMS messages to patients and doctors to keep them informed on the readings.

WORKFLOWS - Our platform helps patients with everything from onboarding to data management and automated reminders, to televisit technology, clinical escalations, billings, and more.

INTEGRATIONS - Our platform automates claims submission and vitals data posting to over 94+ EHRs.

USER EXPERIENCE-FOCUSED - Most importantly, our devices and platform alike are simple to use and hassle-free to learn.

Platform Features

Platform Technical Specifications

InstaMD RPM for Clinical Trial

InstaMD's Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) technology is an innovative solution that has significant potential for clinical trials. By leveraging our RPM technology, we can provide a more efficient, cost-effective, and accurate way to monitor patients in clinical trials.

Our RPM technology enables remote collection and monitoring of patient data, which allows for real-time analysis and reporting of patient health status. This not only reduces the need for in-person visits but also improves the accuracy of data collection, which is critical for clinical trials.

With our platform, clinical trial coordinators can monitor patient health status remotely and receive alerts in real-time when patients require medical intervention. This helps to improve patient outcomes and reduce the likelihood of adverse events.

Furthermore, our platform allows for personalized treatment plans to be developed for each patient, which can improve adherence and ultimately lead to better outcomes. The flexibility of our platform means that it can be tailored to the unique needs of each clinical trial, ensuring the highest quality of patient care and data collection.

Overall, InstaMD's RPM technology has the potential to transform clinical trials by providing a more efficient, accurate, and cost-effective way to monitor patient health status. With our platform, clinical trial coordinators can improve patient outcomes, reduce the likelihood of adverse events, and ultimately deliver higher quality research data.

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InstaMD RTM Solution

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The Medicare Remote Therapeutic Management (RTM) program is a new initiative aimed at improving the care and management of patients with chronic conditions. The program is designed to leverage the latest technology and medical expertise to provide patients with a more personalized and effective treatment plan.

Under the Medicare RTM program, healthcare providers will use remote monitoring technologies to track patients' health status, medication adherence, and other important health factors. Patients will be able to receive real-time feedback on their health status and get regular check-ins from healthcare providers, making it easier to manage their conditions from home.

The RTM program is aimed at improving outcomes for patients with chronic conditions and reducing healthcare costs associated with hospitalizations and other complications. By providing more frequent check-ins and feedback, the program can help prevent issues before they become more serious and require more intensive care.

The RTM program is available to Medicare beneficiaries who have two or more chronic conditions that require ongoing care. The program is covered by Medicare, making it an accessible and affordable option for patients who qualify.

Overall, the Medicare RTM program is a groundbreaking initiative that has the potential to transform the way we manage chronic conditions. By leveraging the latest technology and medical expertise, we can provide patients with a more personalized and effective treatment plan, improving their quality of life and reducing healthcare costs for all.

To learn more about our RTM solution

Platform Modules

White Label Solution

For client medical practices with a high volume of patients in RPM, we can provide brandless white label devices upon request and at ZERO extra charge.

White labeling means our SmartHub suite of devices, packaging, associated instructions, digital portal, and more will all be free to use the custom branding requested by your medical practice.

InstaMD’s White Label Features:

Get Started

If your practice is looking to implement RPM - or wishes to change providers - please contact us today. We’ll schedule a free demo and connect you with our team to discuss the details of getting your program underway at your practice for your patients.

InstaMD promises to introduce your practice and patients to the next generation of healthcare.

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