HL Adapter

InstaMD’s HL Adapter is designed to amplify and to communicate to a remote user low intensity & low/high frequency sound using a standard internet connection.

HL Adapter works with any video conference tool.
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HL++ Monitor

InstaMD’s HL++ Monitor is designed to record, stream, and archive ECG, SPO2, NIBS, and temp measurements. Bluetooth enabled, the device is easy to carry and easy to connect with a PC or Smart Mobile devices.

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Multi-Scope Camera

InstaMD’s Multi-Scope is designed to acquire ENT and Dermatologic images (up to 600X Zoom capability).

How does it work?

Connect Otoscope via USB port and adjust power via LED adjust button. Once connected, launch InstaMD’s Web App or any video conference tool to view, share, or record video or still images. (Focus can be adjusted from turning otoscope rear knob.)

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Pulse Ox

Main Features

  • Compact size , high reliability ,and accuracy
  • Enhanced signal processing to reduce the effect of random artifacts
  • Associated with motion and low perfusion
  • Applicable to adult, pediatric patients
  • Wirelessly Connects with Browser and iOS App

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More Bluetooth supported devices

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