Reduce Hospital Re-admission

The importance of post-discharge follow up is undeniable. The rate of avoidable re-hospitalization can be reduced by using state of the art technology and internet-enabled devices that can provide needed data from the patient’s home or skilled nursing facilities. Proactive remote vital monitoring with video chat of discharged patients can be done very easily and affordably. This technology keeps patient biometric info connected to your Attending Physicians and hard to access Specialist Physicians quickly and affordably.

Intended Users: Hospitals, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Home Healthcare


  • Remotely monitor patients vital specific needs
    • – CHF
    • – CHD
    • – COPD
    • – Diabetic
  • Easy for a patient’s caring one/provider to use and share info
  • Increase patient and doctor communication, patient safety and coordinating patient care
  • Re-use devices for any numbers of patients with patient targeted accounts
  • Built-in video conferencing to reach provider or patient
  • Modular options to use one or many devices


Tele-Visits Platform

InstaMD has developed electronic interfaces that work with existing medical devices and sensors to capture biometric data utilizing any web browser or InstaMD’s mobile app.

Capabilities include remote patient monitoring, remote diagnostics, and next level medical research/analysis.

Intended Users: Physician, Satellite clinic, Health screening organization, Healthcare Foundations


  • Secure, Simple, & Intuitive Interface
  • Records video, audio, and images directly from connected devices (e.g. Stethoscope, ECG, Otoscope, BPM, Weight, SPo2, Temp Sensor, etc.)
  • Replay, Review, & Share recordings in the original recorded format
  • Built-in video conferencing with full or partial conference recording options
  • Compatible with existing video conference platforms
  • Included modules: Patient Registration, Scheduling, Recording Review, Patient Payment, Web-Visit Workflow, & Mass Health Screening


Remote Patient Monitoring

InstaMD’s intuitive interface is designed for patient to record vital using InstaMD and supported devices. These recordings are instantly available for monitoring agencies to review for any abnormalities.

Intended Users: Patient, Home Healthcare, Medical Truism Service Provider


  • Secure, Simple, & Intuitive Interface
  • Records Vitals Stethoscope, ECG, Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, SPo2, Weight, Temperature etc.
  • Built-in video conferencing with full or partial conference recording options
  • Reminders
  • Share recording with caregiver and loved one
  • Easy for Agencies to view daily recordings from remote patients