The Simple and Affordable Way to Capture and Share Vital Signs from Anywhere    

InstaMD is revolutionizing healthcare by internet enabling diagnostic medical devices currently available in the market that lets you record, store, and track vitals health information right from your living room. At last, you can “see” your doctor without ever setting foot in their office.

InstaMD’s inaugural consumer product, The Multi-Use Headset works with any stethoscope to record amplified, high-quality audio. Instantly captures heart, lung, or GI sounds and uploads them directly to your free web portal or intuitive mobile app. With our eVisit platform, you can video conference your health provider in real-time including live-streaming vitals info. Finally, affordable, convenient healthcare is available to you, your friends and your family!

We are unlocking the door to future innovations for low cost, uncomplicated options to record vitals for early detection of various diseases and as a staple for chronic disease monitoring.


Diagnostic Medical Devices


Record vital info with personal video


Conveniently Share with medical provider


Real-time video conference with medical provider


Contribute in Crowd-Research

Multi-Use Headset

InstaMD’s inaugural consumer product, the Multi-Use Headset, can be used for hands-free phone conversations or listening to music, and more importantly, for recording, streaming, and archiving heart/lung/GI sound clips using any stethoscope currently available in the market. The Multi-Use Headset is designed to record and to archivevitals recordings in your free personal vitals portal, or to share with your provider via one-click video conferencing or through a secure e-mail that your physician can play directly from his/her mobile device.  The InstaMD App works on all PC browsers and Apple iOS devices.


How to Use Headset with Stethoscope


1. Remove earpiece port cover

person taking out earpiece port cover

2. Insert stethoscope earpieces into port

Man holding InstaMD stethoscope and ear piece

3. Connect cable from headset to remote device

Person holding InstaMD control

4. Connect to laptop/PC/mobile device from out-port of remote as shown

Man using InstaMD mobile app on laptop Man using InstaMD app on mobile smartphoneMan using InstaMD app on Ipad tablet

The headset is also a high-quality instrument for hands-free talking or listening to music

Headphone with Hands free microphone

Cushioned ear cups for optimum comfort

Person holding headphone

Technical Specifications of Headset

Driver Unit: 40mm

Impedance: 64Ω

Sensitivity: 109±3db

Max.Input: 50mW

Frequency range: 20Hz~20kHz

Microphone Specs

Directivity: Omni

Impedance: 2.2kΩ

Sensitivity: -58±3dB

Frequency: 20Hz~16kHz

Remote Specs

Frequency range: 20Hz~15kHz

Amplification Range: 1-20X

Power: 5V/500MA

In Port: 3.5mm 4-PIN

Out Port: 3.5mm 4-PIN




A complete telemedicine platform, offers convenient appointment alternatives, more frequent and low-cost patient-provider interactions, and quick and easy patient check-ins (i.e., 5-8 minute appointments allow providers to easily connect with 6-10 patients/hour for chronic disease management). InstaMD’s telemedicine Platform is the only telemedicine video conferencing solution offering real-time available medical devices (i.e. Stethoscope, USB Otoscope/Zoom Camera, and Incentive Spirometer) information integration. Coming soon Bluetooth supported BMP, Weight Scale, Thermoter, Oximeter, Consumer Health Wearables
Technical Specs PC  Supported Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, IE with Plug-ins iOS App: iOS6 +

Feature Lists:

Intuitive Interface

Records – Video, Audio and Still Images

1-Click functions

  • Host Video Conference
  • Join Video Conference
  • Screen Share
  • Share archived recordings
  • Sent instant invite during conference
  • Record full/part of video conference(coming soon)

Super easy to setup provider profile with weekly availability

Short URL to share profile by email, Web Site Link , SMS TEXT, and Twitter

On demand service available to validate, apply, or renew State License

Equipped with required State Regulations

Web visit workflow is optimize for quick completion and at the end patient feedback

PayPal is integrated to pay for the visit as well as option to ignore payment for capitated patients

Easy to Integrate with current Electronic Medical Record Software

Coming soon …Payers supporting tele-medicine service reimbursement for Originating and Destination sites

Pay per use, no long term contract

Easy to sign up

Easy Sign up form

No manual or training required… anyone can use it!

InstaMD web app

Record directly from PC browser and iOS devices

Record video from PC or IOS devices

Easy-to-access video clips of vitals records can be shared on demand with provider.

Person holding headphone

Don’t just talk about the issue… show it as it happened!   A perfect way to share with your medical provider

Woman getting exam

Video conferencing and screen sharing is ready to use on your PC browser or mobile device. No waiting or installing anything ever!

Dr and patient communicating through video for exam

Technical Specs PC  Supported Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, IE with Plug-ins iOS App: iOS6 +




Consumer Benefits

video screen

Multi-Use Headset can be used for hands-free talking or listening to music

video screen

Works with any commercially available stethoscope

Man using stethoscope with web app

Free eZVital Web App

video screen

eZVital Tracker App works with any InstaMD device (e.g. otoscope, weight scale, blood pressure monitor, etc). More devices coming soon

eZVital Tracker App

You can also connect an audible blood pressure monitor with eZVital Tracker App (Bluetooth support coming soon)

Man using blood pressure monitor

Access to low-cost online medical provider network (coming soon)

App screen


Medical Providers

The InstaMD Telemedicine Platform

Attention Healthcare Providers


Nurse practitioners (NP)

Physician assistants (PA)


Clinical nurse specialists (CNS)

Clinical psychologists (CP)

Clinical social workers (CSW)

Registered dietitians

Give a boost to your

practice/organization…bring in

new patients as well as cut cost of

service delivery with the InstaMD’s

lean telemedicine Platform

Person running up chart

The InstaMD Multi-Use Headset replaces high-cost digital stethoscopes. The headset is designed to work with your existing stethoscope. You can record vitals and link to Electronic Health Records for later playback.

Person running up chart
Medical Exam

InstaMD has also designed a special adapter for use in medical offices. With the adapter, you can use any headset to listen to and simultaneously record stethoscope sound in the app.

Woman getting a medical examInsta MD product

Adapter Technical Specification 

Amplification: 20X

Frequnecy Range: 20Hz∼10kHz

Audio Ports: USB, 3.5mm 3-PIN, 3.5mm 4-PIN (2)

Power: 5V DC


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About Us


InstaMD was founded by a diverse group of individuals with expertise in a variety of areas, including medicine, technology and regulatory affairs. What we shared, and continue to share, is a passion for innovation and a genuine  desire to increase access to quality healthcare. Our goal was to create a product that would not only be convenient and easy to use, but wouldn’t require the user to invest in expensive new equipment. Rather than reinvent the wheel, we devised a way to combine existing technology with simple medical devices to produce an affordable system that anyone can use!


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Is it really reliable to capture the sounds of the heart by using a mobile device or microphone directly attaching to chest?

InstaMD has developed a patent pending electro-mechanical interface that works with any existing Stethoscope in the market. InstaMD’s interface device is capable of amplifying soft volume sound up to 20 times thereby reducing noise significantly, almost 95%, to deliver clear sound over the internet via PC and smart mobile devices. InstaMD Technology is very low risk. We are mainly making existing devices internet enabled.

Is it compatible with my system?

The InstaMD Web App works on any computer with Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Video conference is based on WebRTC technology and it seamlessly streams and records video on your computer’s browser. In addition, we also integrated 1-click screen sharing within the web app. The InstaMD Mobile App presently works on iOS devices (Android support will be available in the future). All the web functionality is available on the mobile app.

InstaMD supports most existing Medical Devices

Currently we are supporting any manual FDA approved stethoscope available on the market.

Our InstaMD App is currently capable of connecting to a USB-enabled Otoscope and streaming video. You can record yourself while taking vital from any device on the InstaMD App. Similar to stethoscope interface, we are working on direct integration with a Bluetooth supported blood pressure monitor, thermometer, oximeter, and weight machine. Add-ons will be released and future upgrades will be available in future.

What about the FDA?

Not required as communication device. However, we will enable diagnostic component in near future at that time FDA clearance (510k) will require.

HIPAA Compliance

InstMD employs the following technological safeguards to facilitate your compliance with HIPAA.

  • Patient/client information is transferred using 256-bit SSL encryption

  • Accounts require secure login with minimum password length enforcement

  • The production environment is protected by stand-alone firewalls with access limited to authorized personnel via encrypted channels

  • Offsite backups are made daily and stored in an encrypted state



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