Simple & Affordable Ways to remotely consult patients    

InstaMD is revolutionizing healthcare by internet enabling diagnostic medical devices currently available in the market that lets you record, store, and track vitals health information right from your living room. At last, you can “see” your doctor without ever setting foot in their office.

InstaMD's Low frequency adapter works with any manual stethoscope to amplify and communicate sound over the internet.

InstaMD USB Otoscope to transmit images & video over internet

InstaMD Wireless ECG & SPO2 for remote patient monitoring

The Tele-Med Kits

Add-on Devices

InstaMD Tele-Kits includes following devices

  1. InstaMD HL Adapter
  2. InstaMD HLplus Monitor
  3. InstaMD ENT Scope
  4. InstMD VitalSets
1. InstaMD HL Adapter

Simple yet powerful small adapter that works with any manual stethoscope to amplify and transmit low frequency sound over internet. HL monitor is specially designed for remote communication with easy to use pre-programmed functions for patient or remote clinics use.

Feature List:

  1. Low Frequency Sound Amplifierup to 20 times
  2. Pre-programmed varioustouchcontrols with timer
  3. Compact design with Auto on and off
  4. Specially designed port that works with any manual stethoscope to amplify

How does it work ?


Local Use: Press Heart Icon and start listening to Stethoscope sound when stethoscope head touches chest or stomach.

Click for details InstaMD App Stethoscope integration feature

Remote use: Connect remotely using any video conference software Press heart Icon to transmit stethoscope sound. Press “+” to follow remote person’s instruction in that case locally from headset stethoscope sound can’t be heard instead remote person voice can be heard.

Supported Software: InstaMD App, Skype, Hangout, any video conference software


Frequency range: 20Hz~16kHz

Amplification Range: 1-20X

Power: 5V/500mA

PC Port: 3.5mm 4-PIN

Head Phone Port: 3.5mm 4-PIN


Directivity: Omni

Impedance: 2.2kΩ

Sensitivity: -58±3dB

Frequency: 20Hz~16kHz


HL Adapter

Charging Cable

USB Audio Adapter

PC Cable



8 PIN Camera Connector for iOS devices


2. InstaMD HL plus Monitor

Wireless ECG,  SPO2, NIBS and Temp  monitor

Feature List:

  1. Works with standard 3 leads ECG and SPO2 finger clip
  2. Rechargeable LI battery
  3. Easy to read monitor when not connected to PC or tablet
  4. Bluetooth 4.0 and 3.0 supported
  5. Compact and lightweight design
  6. Add-on NIBS Cuff (Blood Pressure) and Thermometer sensors


Power :5VDC (Built-in LI Battery)

Bluetooth 4.0,3.0


Full lead: I, II, III, aVL, aVR, aVF and V1,V2,V3,V4,V5,V6

Gain:2.5mm/mV, 5mm/mV, 10mm/mV, 20mm/mV

Scanning speed: 12.5mm/s, 25mm/s and 50mm/s

Band width: 0.05Hz-100Hz(3dB) Diagnostic mode

1-40Hz Monitor mode

0.1-25Hz Operation mode

Heart rate:

Scope: 0 times/minute to 250 times/minutes

Accuracy: ±2 time/minute


Measurement scope: 0%-100%

Accuracy: ±2% in the range of 90%~100%

±3% in the range of 70%-89%


Measurement methods: Chest impedance method or concentration of carbon dioxide at end of respiration

Range of chest impedance method: 0 time/minute -100 minutes/minute

Accuracy of chest impedance method: ±2 time/minute

How to use

Step1: Connect ECG Leads & SPO2 finger clip

Step2: Connect to InstaMD App

Package: HL plus monitor, charging cable, ECG 3 leads cable, SPO2 Cable

Optional: Disposable Electrodes

3. InstaMD ENT Scope

Conveniently share eardrum, throat and zoom skin video, images over internet

How to use?

Connect ENT Scope USB port of PC. Launch InstaMD App and start streaming live video or take snapshots and store to records.

InstaMD ENT plus Scope specification

Lens: Dual Axis 27X & 100X Micro-Scope Lens

Flicker Control: 50Hz / 60Hz Option

Video Format: AVI

Light Source: White Light LED x 4 (have ON/OFF function)

Magnification Ratio: 20X ~ 600X (Manual)

Power Supply: USB Port (5V DC)

PC Interface: USB2.0 & USB1.1

Operation System: Win, Mac, ChromeOS, Linux, Android

Inner LED illumination

Display speed: 30FPS

Optional :Waterproof


USB ENT Scope device, (includes 2 sets of  Specula)

4. InstaMDVitalset includes Bluetooth Weight Scale with Fat analyzer, Bluetooth Blood Pressure monitor, Bluetooth non-contact Thermometer and Bluetooth Oximeter

Bluetooth Non-contact Thermometer syncs with InstaMD App

Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor syncs with InstaMD App

Bluetooth Weight Scale and Body Fat Analyzer sync with InstaMD App

Bluetooth Pulse Oximeter continuous reading syncs with InstaMD App

Track these devices from Smartphone and share with provider conveniently


Lean Tele-Visit App: Browser and App based Platform

Coming Soon


Seamlessly works with Browser and Mobile APPs
Connect, record, or live stream audio, video, medical data (Stethoscope sound, ECG & SPo2
rhythms, Otoscope images)
Review &Share archived recordings via secure link and un-share when done
Connect Bluetooth devices on Browser (supported only in Chrome)
Designed to remote monitor patients (Video, ECG & SPo2 rhythmus)
Intuitive web visit workflow, scheduling , patient management
Easy to setup medical provider personalized profile and weekly availability
Schedule or instant video conference & record entire or partial session
Take snapshot during video conference with option to select multiple camera
Guided recordings process

Stethoscope Audio Recordings

Sharing(launched from Home Page)

Review – Audio, video clips, snapshots and PDF
Easy to search& view each recordings
Share single of multiple recording s with existing contact or send by email
Un-share at any point
Review and Replay Recordings
Add a note
Review Note
View Recordings in Calendar
Each to identify recordings with associate icon

Profile Management

Easy to setup provider profile
Update State Regulations
Add legal & compliance documents i.e. HIPPA, Consent form or any legal document
Post weekly online availability schedule
Specify Amount and enable online patient payment from PayPal
Set profile to link with existing web site with secured short URL

Video Conference

Email invite for instant or schedule conference
Launch video conference from web link (nothing to install on PC) or from iOS App
Integrated screen share and chat
Instantly Share archived recordings
3-ways Conference
Record partial or entire video session
Auto reconnect if disconnected
Take rapid snapshot from live video stream and archive to record
Add a note
Control Audio Video of any Participant
Enable Auto snapshot mode to take image from any participants video – works great while
looking into Otoscope images or dermatology related issues

WebRTC supported Browser on any hardware: Chrome, FireFox and IE(require to download plug-in)

Smart Device : iOS 7.1 & above (Android support coming soon)

Minimum Bandwidth Requirement: 350kbps upload and download


InstaMD is disrupting in Telemedicine delivery. A true low cost and low resource alternative to existing devices and platform.

1.Remote Consults

InstaMD App & devices all you need to make smart diagnostic decision while consulting patient online. Provide can offer devices to their follow-up patient such as HL adapter patient with chronic heart disease, ENT Scope for newborn parents. Most of the remote consulting with medical device is guess. Make a right decision without costing fortune.

2.Chronic Patient Monitoring

US CMS spent close to 26 billion for hospital readmission. By using InstaMD app and devices chronic patients can be monitored cost effectively and hence minimize emergency room/Hospital readmission visits.

3.Mass Screening

One of the biggest advantage using InstaMD devices and app is very cost effective ways to mass screen population. Healthcare works/Volunteers can be trained quickly to deploy and use. All the records are archive in digital format for later review &follow-up.

4.International Remote Clinics

InstaMD’s low cost device and App is perfect to setup quickly remote satellite clinic. All you need a simple PC(also works with low cost Chromebook), Smart Devices (iOS, Android support coming soon) and moderate speed internet connection (350 kbps). Patient can be seen remotely by doctor from central location for quick, safe and comfortable visit.

We care currently offering 1 site pilot package (all devices + 3 to 6 months software usage at very low cost) Send inquiry to qualify for the offer


About Us


InstaMD was founded by a diverse group of individuals with expertise in a variety of areas, including medicine, technology and regulatory affairs. What we shared, and continue to share, is a passion for innovation and a genuine  desire to increase access to quality healthcare. Our goal was to create a product that would not only be convenient and easy to use, but wouldn’t require the user to invest in expensive new equipment. Rather than reinvent the wheel, we devised a way to combine existing technology with simple medical devices to produce an affordable system that anyone can use!



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Is it really reliable to capture the sounds of the heart by using a mobile device or microphone directly attaching to chest?

InstaMD has developed a patent pending electro-mechanical interface that works with any existing Stethoscope in the market. InstaMD’s interface device is capable of amplifying soft volume sound up to 20 times thereby reducing noise significantly, almost 95%, to deliver clear sound over the internet via PC and smart mobile devices. InstaMD Technology is very low risk. We are mainly making existing devices internet enabled.

InstaMD supports most existing Medical Devices

Currently we are supporting any manual FDA approved stethoscope available on the market. Our InstaMD App is currently capable of connecting to a USB-enabled Otoscope and streaming video. You can record yourself while taking vital from any device on the InstaMD App. Similar to stethoscope interface we integrated Bluetooth supported blood pressure monitor, thermometer, oximeter, and weight machine.

What about the FDA?

HL Not required as communication device. However, we will enable diagnostic component in near future at that time FDA clearance (510k) will require.HLplus Monitor is not FDA Approved yet. We are working on final stage of documentation. Device is fully functional and it is being used internationally.

InstaMD Tele-Visits App

Subscription options : Patient and Provider(1..1000+)

Subscription Infrastructure : Secured Dedicated Server

On-Premise: Yes

White labeling : Yes

Other Video Conference App Integration : Yes


InstaMD Device Integration

HL Adapter : Audio Input (PC -USB, Audio 3/4 PIN, iOS Lightening Port)

ENT-SCOPE : USB Video Input

HLplus : Bluetooth 3.0/4.0 (iOS, Android ,C++, Javascript sample code available)

Bluetooth VitalSet (Weight Scale, BPM. Thermometer, Pulse Oximeter) : Bluetooth Speck available with sample code for iOS, Andriod and Javascript

HIPAA Compliance

InstMD employs the following technological safeguards to facilitate your compliance with HIPAA.

  • Patient/client information is transferred using 256-bit SSL encryption

  • Accounts require secure login with minimum password length enforcement

  • The production environment is protected by stand-alone firewalls with access limited to authorized personnel via encrypted channels

  • Offsite backups are made daily and stored in an encrypted state

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