InstaMD has developed electronic interfaces that work with existing medical devices and sensors to capture biometric data utilizing any web browser or InstaMD’s mobile app. Capabilities include remote patient monitoring, remote diagnostics, and next level medical research/analysis.

Reduce Hospital Readmission

The importance of post-discharge follow up is undeniable. The rate of avoidable re-hospitalization can be reduced by using state of the art technology and internet-enabled devices that can provide needed data from the patient’s home or skilled nursing facilities. Proactive remote vitals monitoring with video chat of discharged patients can be done very easily and affordably. This technology keeps patient biometric info connected to your Attending Physicians and hard to access Specialist Physicians quickly and affordably.

Intended Users: Hospitals, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Home Healthcare


  • Remotely monitor patients vitals specific needs
    • Chronic Heart Failure (CHF) & Chronic Heart Disease (CHD)
    • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
    • Diabetic
    • Pneumonia
  • Easy for a patient’s caring one/provider to use and share info
  • Increase patient and doctor communication, patient safety and coordinating patient care
  • Re-use devices for any numbers of patients with patient targeted accounts
  • Built-in video conferencing to reach provider or patient
  • Modular options to use one or many devices


Tele-Visits Platform

InstaMD’s Tele-Visits platform designed to provide complete and safe virtual visits exceeding video conference capability. Platform provides Healthcare provider flexibility to schedule online session with Patient. When doctor’s are off-site platform capable of capturing all the vitals and generating a easy to use dashboard for quick review of Patient’s condition. Any registered patient vitals growth charting and setup abnormal notification to caregiver or attending doctor. Patient also, can log the vitals using InstaMD devices or other available devices.

Platform is also designed to capture very large health screening events with streamline workflow. It is simple to learn, mostly takes 10-15 minutes to learn the software how to do.

Intended Users: Physician, Satellite clinic, Health screening organization, Healthcare Foundations


  • Secure, Simple, & Intuitive Interface
  • Records video, audio, and images directly from connected devices (e.g. Stethoscope, ECG, Otoscope, BPM, Weight, SPo2, Temp Sensor, etc.)
  • Replay, Review, & Share recordings in the original recorded format
  • Built-in video conferencing with full or partial conference recording options
  • Compatible with existing video conference platforms
  • Included modules: Patient Registration, Scheduling, Recording Review, Patient Payment, Web-Visit Workflow, & Mass Health Screening

Remote Patient Monitoring

InstaMD’s intuitive interface is designed for patient to record vitals using InstaMD and supported devices. These recordings are instantly available for monitoring agencies to review for any abnormalities.

Intended Users: Patient, Home Healthcare, Medical Truism Service Provider


  • Secure, Simple, & Intuitive Interface
  • Records Vitals Stethoscope, ECG, Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, SPo2, Weight, Temperature etc.
  • Built-in video conferencing with full or partial conference recording options
  • Reminders
  • Share recording with caregiver and loved one
  • Easy for Agencies to view daily recordings from remote patients


HL Adapter


InstaMD’s HL Adapter is designed to amplify and to communicate to a remote user low intensity & low/high frequency sound using a standard internet connection.

HL Adapter works with any video conference tool.
HL Adapter is available to ship in USA and most International locations.

HL++ Monitor

InstaMD’s HL++ Monitor is designed to record, stream, and archive ECG, SPO2, NIBP, and temp measurements. Bluetooth enabled, the device is easy to carry and easy to connect with a PC or Smart Mobile devices.
HL++ Monitor is available to ship only International locations.

Multi-Scope Camera

InstaMD’s Multi-Scope is designed to acquire ENT and Dermatologic images (up to 100X Zoom capability).

How does it work?

Connect Otoscope via USB port and adjust power via LED adjust button. Once connected, launch InstaMD’s Web App or any video conference tool to view, share, or record video or still images. (Focus can be adjusted from turning rear knob.)

MS Camera is available to ship in USA and most International locations.


Pulse Ox

Main Features

  • Compact size , high reliability ,and accuracy
  • Enhanced signal processing to reduce the effect of random artifacts
  • Associated with motion and low perfusion
  • Applicable to adult, pediatric patients
  • Wirelessly Connects with Browser and iOS App

Pulse Oximter is available to ship in USA and most International locations.

More Bluetooth supported devices

Bluetooth Weight Scale with Body Fat Analyzer

Bluetooth Blood Sugar Monitor

Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor

Bluetooth Non-Contact Thermometer

Bluetooth and USB Ultrasound Probe

Bluetooth and USB 12-Leads ECG
Devices are available to ship in USA and most International locations in bulk quantities.


Vitals Management & e-Visits Platform

All Platforms

All Platforms
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About Us

InstaMD was founded by a diverse group of individuals with expertise in a variety of areas, including medicine, technology and regulatory affairs. What we shared, and continue to share, is a passion for innovation and a genuine desire to increase access to quality healthcare. Our goal was to create a product that would not only be convenient and easy to use, but wouldn’t require the user to invest in expensive new equipment. Rather than reinvent the wheel, we devised a way to combine existing technology with simple medical devices to produce an affordable system that anyone can use!.


Subbarao Myla, MD, FACC, FSCAI, ISES, MBACofounder, CMO

Subbarao Myla, MD, FACC, FSCAI, ISES, MBA

Cofounder, CMO

My passions include process redesign, lean methodology application and patient advocacy. I believe in check list manifesto, value based innovations to deliver unparalleled service.

Shibu Sen, MBA

Cofounder, CIO

I am passionate about lean and minimum design. It is great to invent expensive stuff but it is very hard to make it simple and affordable for users

Shibu Sen, MBACofounder, CIO


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How does InstaMD devices work with Web & App?

Currently we are supporting any manual FDA approved stethoscope available on the market to connect with InstaMD HL Adapter. It amplifies and communicates with PC and Mobile App. InstaMD’s MS Camera is driver less USB camera devices connects in any PC devices any OS to record or live steam true color video. InstaMD’s HL++ monitor is a small form factor wireless device. It connects to Chrome browser seamlessly for any Bluetooth supported PC or Bluetooth 3.0/4.0 compatible Smart Phone.

What about the FDA?

HL Adapter works as communication device. However, we will enable diagnostic component in near future at that time FDA clearance (510k) will require.HL++ Monitor is not FDA Approved yet. We are working on final stage of documentation. Device is fully functional and it is being used internationally. MS Scope works like a USB camera, does not require 510K approval.

InstaMD Tele-Visits App

Subscription options : Patient and Provider(1..1000+)
Subscription Infrastructure : Secured Dedicated Server
On-Premise: Yes
White labeling : Yes
Other Video Conference App Integration : Yes

InstaMD Device Integration

HL Adapter : Audio Input (PC -USB, Audio 3/4 PIN, iOS Lightening Port)
MS Camera : USB Video Input
HL++ : Bluetooth 3.0/4.0 (iOS, Android ,C++, Javascript sample code available)
Weight Scale, BPM, Thermometer, Pulse Oximeter : Bluetooth Speck available with sample code for iOS, Andriod and Javascript

HIPAA Compliance

InstMD employs the following technological safeguards to facilitate your compliance with HIPAA.

  • Patient/client information is transferred using 256-bit SSL encryption
  • Accounts require secure login with minimum password length enforcement
  • The production environment is protected by stand-alone firewalls with access limited to authorized personnel via encrypted channels
  • Offsite backups are made daily and stored in an encrypted state