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InstaMD’s Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Prioritizes Individualized Care and Empowers Patients

Experience Comprehensive 360° Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) with InstaMD

InstaMD simplifies RPM for you. Whether your patient is dealing with an acute or chronic condition, they can easily be enrolled in RPM program.

Consider us as your strategic partner in the world of advanced telemedicine. We ensure a smooth patient onboarding, implement efficient technology solutions, and offer a dedicated support team. Our team not only manages vitals data but also handles real-time escalations when necessary, enabling prompt doctor diagnosis.

In essence, InstaMD operates as your trusted remote doctor's assistant, always ready, always reliable..

Unlock New Revenue Opportunities with Minimal Initial Investment and Risk to Your Practice

Introducing RPM through InstaMD not only elevates your patient care but also opens up fresh revenue streams. The added advantage comes in the form of a focused program that offers reimbursements from payers (supported by Medicare/Medicaid and most associated commercial Health Plans for reimbursement), of which InstaMD only retains a minor percentage.

Designed for patients with chronic conditions that necessitate regular monitoring, the program ensures reliable cash flow with patient compliance. You can anticipate a steady revenue of approximately $150 per patient each month! Discover a smarter way to bolster your practice's financial health..

SmartHub Technology Means Efficiency & Effectiveness

InstaMD has adapted smartphone technology to seamlessly work alongside a variety of proven medical devices, from glucometers to oximeters and more. Our proprietary SmartHub suite of technology - provided to patients free of charge - utilizes a custom iPhone able to sync up with all their necessary devices and automatically transmit readings remotely. Easy to learn and use for patients of all ages, the InstaMD SmartHub means more efficient and effective RPM.

InstaMD: Forging the Future of Patient-Physician Connectivity

At its core, InstaMD’s RPM program catalyzes a unique synergy between empowered patients and informed doctors, fostering proactive healthcare solutions. By integrating seamlessly with patients and their medical devices, our robust team and technology enable doctors to maintain a vigilant eye on each patient's health status. This, without any distractions from your routine clinical duties.

Our Dual Objectives Are:

Discover Why InstaMD is Your Ideal Choice

At InstaMD, we champion a bold vision - enabling healthcare practitioners to deliver superior patient care. We strive to transform this vision into a reality every day, with every doctor we work with.

Our platform, cutting-edge technology, and dedicated support team exist with a singular aim - to uplift your practice. We have a track record of forging successful partnerships with a diverse range of doctors from small to mid-sized practices, each having their own distinctive patient demographics and challenges.

We simplify the process of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), providing a seamless onboarding experience and dependable support. InstaMD stands as your proficient ally for embracing contemporary healthcare solutions. Our commitment extends to educating your patients on the capabilities and significance of RPM, ensuring they are equipped and focused on the requisites for payer compliance.

When you opt for InstaMD, you don't just upgrade your practice - you empower your patients. We enable you to gain access to the most current medical information, so you can deliver enhanced care. Choose InstaMD, choose progress.

Embrace the Future of Healthcare with Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

At Your Service. / Your Ally. / Ready to Catapult Your Practice into the New Age.

InstaMD's RPM program doesn't just provide your patients the autonomy to manage their health; it also empowers your practice to achieve improved healthcare outcomes, sustained patient retention, and enhanced cash flows.

Be part of the growing community of practices nationwide that leverage InstaMD to earn on a per member per month basis through RPM. The surge in telemedicine in recent years has brought along enticing Medicare incentives and advancements in remote accessibility to crucial patient data. InstaMD's support staff paves your way into this exciting era of modern healthcare, affording doctors the luxury of efficiently monitoring patient health from a distance, minus daily visits or excessive labor.

Fluent in multiple languages and perfectly synced with all required medical devices, the all-encompassing team at InstaMD delivers a comprehensive and mutually beneficial solution for both doctors and patients. Take the plunge today and discover why doctors nationwide are opting for InstaMD - and why patients are embracing RPM with enthusiasm.

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