• automated-reminders

    We are the pioneers in testing the elderly who live independently and find our product easy and useful.

  • stetho

    Vertical flow of Excess Revenue to all physicians involved with No Upfront Cost

  • INSTAMD SmartHub is an intelligent personal assistant platform to seamlessly integrate patient vitals into their Health and Care.

  • Unique advantage of INSTAMD is the partnership with Physicians

RPM Conference

What is Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)?

RPM through InstaMD addresses management of basic health parameters for patient using real-time technology and data driven platform with integrated FDA Approved Medical Devices and added clinical service to overall provide superior care.

RPM Conference

Medicare Reimbursement

Upto $240 per member per month

  • CPT
    CPT Code 99453

    (Approximate Allowed Amount $25)

    Remote monitoring of physiological parameters (weight, blood pressure, pulse oximetry, weight scale, etc.), initial set-up of RPM system and devices plus patient education on how to use the equipment
  • CPT
    CPT Code 99454

    (Approximate Allowed Amount $85)

    Remote monitoring of physiological parameters (weight, blood pressure, pulse oximetry, respiratory flow rate), initial; devices supply with daily recording(s) or programmed alert(s) transmission, each 30 days
  • CPT
    CPT Code 99457 & 99458

    Practitioner can bill CPT 99457 for the first 20 minutes of clinical staff time spent performing RPM activities and CPT 99458 for the second and third 20-minute increments. Allowed Amount for CPT 99457 is $61, while each add-on code (up to 2) pays $50. Thus, total reimbursement for an hour or more of RPM services is $161 (Total Allowed)

How does it work?

A Medicare RPM program is like a Chronic Care Management (CCM) program. In fact, the same patients can also benefit from RPM to manage their vitals.

  • Patient Receives Devices and Education

  • Readings Review by Clinical Staff

  • Receive Payment $ from Medicare







  • Order/Enroll RPM Service for qualified patient

  • Patient Take Daily Readings

  • Submit Monthly Claims to Medicare

  • Order/Enroll RPM Service for qualified patient

  • Patient Receives Devices and Education

  • Patient Take Daily Readings

  • Readings Review by Clinical Staff

  • Submit Monthly Claims to Medicare

  • Receive Payment $ from Medicare

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One-Stop- RPM Solution

InstaMD has developed a one-stop RPM solution for Healthcare Providers of any size (including Medical Offices, House Calls, Home Health, Telemedicine Service Providers, and CCM Service Providers).

  • hub
    SmartHub & BLE Devices
  • oximeter
  • web-portal-app
    Web Portal & App
  • analytics
  • services
  • Benefits

    • Senior friendly and interactive
    • Plug-n-use
    • Real-time alerts sent to providers.
    • Seamless Tele-visit experience

About Us

This is a really exciting ERA in our lives where advancement in technology has been successful in integrating practice of medicine into the daily lives of our patients. I see remote patient monitoring (RPM) as one giant step to not only strengthen but modernize healthcare. New rules have been set to help physicians reach the unreachable patients and help them treat their chronic illness in the safety of their homes. Physicians will see not only patient care benefits but also a great enhanced revenue generation.

InstaMD is our creation to enhance the care and bring a new generation of medicine to technology driven future doctors. Our platform not only promotes future innovation in telemedicine and cardiac care but also reduces the burden for physicians and care providers.
We can provide patients with a personalized treatment plan that will certainly result in better health outcomes. The flexibility we provide can be individualized for the patient and the physician.

Our exclusive HUB is very simple to use and allows for more patient independence and empowerment.
Sharing data analytics with providers and payors will relieve the congestion of the notepad with unnecessary paperwork and improve time efficiency and time generating revenue.
I can show you the path to advancement of overall healthcare and will be always happy to share our experiences and results.

With deep regards to healthcare innovations and technology
Dr. Anu Chirala MD, FACC
Co-Founder & President
InstaMD, Inc.


The InstaMD SmartHub is a pocket-sized device with many useful features. It seamlessly connects to monitoring devices and syncs reading instantly, reminding them to take their vitals reading and medications and not to forget their upcoming appointments, request and join TeleVisits directly from SmartHub.

Patients carry SmartHub with them wherever they go and remain fully always engaged in the program. Patients adhere to all Medicare Program requirements, thus maximizing reimbursement.

  • automated-reminders

    Personalized automated reminders in multiple languages

  • data-upload

    Auditable confirmation on data upload

  • configure-devices

    Fully configured devices and no pairing required

  • gps-enabled

    Rugged, Lockdown, Tamperproof, and GPS enabled

  • auto-connect

    Auto connects Medical Devices and Upload Readings

  • televisit

    Patient Request and Join TeleVisit directly from SmartHub

  • power-backup

    Up to 8 hours power backup

  • wifi

    Multiple connectivity options built-in Cellular and Wi-Fi/MiFi

Pulse Oximeter
Blood Pressure Cuff
Non Contact Thermometer



  • Supports SmartHub and Smart Devices
  • Real-time Web-based Management Portal and Provider App
  • Automated Reminder, Picture Sharing, Video Visits Request, and Joining Capability
  • Easy to view device reading logs in the SmartHub no separate App or Portal
  • SmartHub Supports many devices and wearable
  • Free Program management, rollout support, Integration, and product feature request
  • Patient automated calling, recording, and 2-way SMS supported
  • Tele-Visit Reimbursements opportunity (patients do not have Smartphone or challenge
    to use one)
  • Multiple connectivity options i.e., Wi-Fi, Cellular, MiFi, Hotspot, etc.
  • Supports most State Medicaid Billing requirements
  • Integrated Eligibility Verification (Active Status, HMO/Plan info, Deductible Remaining)
  • *Consolidated Patient Medical History and Prescription Information


  • Either Hub or Smart Devices
  • Portal only
  • Smartphone and separate App needed for video visits, reminder etc.
  • Need separate portal or App to view readings
  • Need to send reminder by SMS or Phone call
  • Limited devices supported
  • Paid service
  • No such functionality
  • None

Learn how to maximize ($200 PMPM) RPM reimbursement +

Extra Tele-Visit Reimbursements opportunity (patients do not have Smartphone or challenge to use one)

What Our Users Say

Here are our some doctor and patients users Testimonial

This 97 year old is living independently. Find out how InstaMD helps make it possible

My parents are 89 and 97 years old. Their cardiologist recommended that they try RPM Program. It has been the best way to keep their chronic condition under control and clinical staff can see day to day their reading. If there are any issues, she will call to check on them. It also makes them understand why it is important to take their vitals every day. I am their daughter Trinnie and caregiver. This makes it stress free for all of us.

Trinnie Adcoc