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InstaMD’s Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Prioritizes Individualized Care and Empowers Patients

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Full-Service 360° Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

InstaMD provides RPM made easy. Any Medicare patient with an acute or chronic condition can be enrolled. We will be your partner in next-generation telemedicine through our hassle-free patient onboarding, efficient technology solutions, and a full support team handling vitals data management and real-time escalations when necessary for instant doctor diagnosis. Think of InstaMD as a reliable remote doctor’s assistant…

InstaMD RPM Program Management

New Revenue Streams at Minimal Up-Front Cost or Risk To Your Practice

RPM comes with the added benefit of a directed Medicare program offering reimbursements that InstaMD will share a small percentage of. Open to patients with chronic conditions and requiring a specific upkeep of readings – with patient compliance comes steady cash flows of about $150 per patient, per month!…

Medicare reimbursement

SmartHub Technology Means Efficiency & Effectiveness

InstaMD has adapted smartphone technology to seamlessly work alongside a variety of proven medical devices, from glucometers to oximeters and more. Our proprietary SmartHub suite of technology – provided to patients free of charge – utilizes a custom iPhone able to sync up with all their necessary devices and automatically transmit readings remotely. Easy to learn and use for patients of all ages, the InstaMD SmartHub means more efficient and effective RPM.

What is InstaMD SmartHub?

InstaMD Promises Next Gen Patient Connection to the Physician

Overall, InstaMD’s RPM program allows for empowered patients and well-apprised doctors to collaborate on more proactive healthcare solutions. By working hand-in-hand with patients and their medical devices, our team and tech help doctors keep a better eye on their individual health statuses automatically, without your attention becoming divided from your day-to-day clinical work.

Our Goals Are Two-Fold:

  • To provide your patients with the peace of mind that comes with being truly *connected* to a physician every day.
  • To help make better health outcomes more likely for every single person under your care as a doctor.

Why Choose InstaMD?

At InstaMD, it is our mission to help doctors better care for their patients.

Our program, our technology, and our support team are all dedicated to this end. We have experience successfully working alongside a variety of doctors at small to medium-sized practices, each with their own unique patients and problems.

Through personalized Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) made easy, with efficient onboarding and effective support, InstaMD is your expert partner for a more modern healthcare solution. We will work to educate your patients both on the functionality and power of RPM, getting them up to speed and focused on what’s needed for Medicare compliance.

When you choose InstaMD, you empower your patients and give yourself the most up-to-date medical info.

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The Future of Healthcare is Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Here to Help. / Your Partner. / Ready to Launch Your Practice into the Next Generation.

InstaMD’s RPM program not only gives your patients the freedom to monitor their own health but also lets your practice enjoy better potential healthcare outcomes, long-term patient retention, and increased cash flows.

Join the many practices around the country using InstaMD to earn per member per month via RPM. The rise of telemedicine in recent years has meant Medicare incentives and advancements in remote views of vital patient data. InstaMD’s support staff provides you easy access to this brave new world of modern healthcare, giving doctors the convenience of effectively monitoring patient health from afar, without daily visits or much extra labor.

Speaking multiple languages and seamlessly connecting to all necessary medical devices, the full-service team at InstaMD offers a one-stop-shop and win-win solution for doctors and patients alike. Dive in today and discover why doctors across the country are choosing InstaMD – and why patients love RPM.

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I was introduced to the instamd system through my doctor several months ago to help her keep a real-time running profile on my blood pressure. It has worked great! By keeping a daily reading my doctor has been able to readjust my medication as necessary to help maintain for the first time in years a controlled BP level.
Customer support helpful and has always been available to assist and resolve any questions or issues, which I might add has been very minimal.
Bottom line, the system has done a great job and I’m finally back on track.


My parents are 89 and 97 years old. Their cardiologist recommended that they try the InstaMD RPM Program. It has been the best way to keep their chronic conditions under control while allowing clinical staff to view their daily readings.
If there are ever any issues, the doctor will call to check on them. It also makes my parents understand why it is important to take their vitals every day. As their daughter and caregiver, InstaMD makes daily care stress-free for all of us.

Trinnie A.

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