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Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) represents the next generation of healthcare, allowing patients and physicians to be connected like never before.

InstaMD started in 2020 as a collection of healthcare industry professionals in search of a solution for a world where doctors and patients couldn’t always be in the same room.

The spread of the Covid-19 pandemic meant that telehealth was on the rise.

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) has fast become one of the best methods of remote healthcare available.

The modern doctor’s office now needed technological, service-oriented solutions to be able to monitor the health of their patients from afar. Patients, especially elderly ones with chronic conditions, were in need of simpler solutions for the upkeep of their own health.

InstaMD was born to solve both problems for the healthcare provider and patient alike.

We designed our RPM solution to provide a full-service offering for doctors and patients, including everything from a hub of medical devices, to the onboarding process, to the data monitoring and critical escalation support from a dedicated staff.

InstaMD’s RPM solution is a comprehensive introduction into the next generation of healthcare.

Altogether, we have made it our mission to:

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If your practice is looking to implement RPM - or wishes to change providers - please contact us today. We’ll schedule a free demo and connect you with our team to discuss the details of getting your program underway at your practice for your patients.

InstaMD promises to introduce your practice and patients to the next generation of healthcare.

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